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  • Suppliers of Laboratory Equipment for Industry, Education, Research Centers and Independent Laboratories.
  • Suppliers of Equipment & Technology for Processing & Packaging of Chemical Products
  • Suppliers of Chemical Materials (Raw, Semifinished & Final Chemicals)
  • Service Providers


  • Lab equipment for industrial, research, educational, energy, pharmaceutical and clinical chemistry, organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry, for experiments, for biotechnology and for quality control of raw materials and finished products, for chromatography, for phasmatography, for metrology, toxicology and for the processing of microscopic and optical image, consumables, reagents, lab data systems.
  • Raw and supplementary material, semifinished and final chemicals for all industrial applications, agricultural production, public companies, professional premises, the laboratories, the water, the air, the environment and the marine.
  • Systems and equipment for production, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, cleaning and maintenance goods, oil products, paints, special chemical products and materials, enriching food products, technology of chemical and industrial reaction, chemical engineering, mixing and separation technology.
  • Αutomation systems for chemical processing such as measurement instruments and control, pumps, values, filters, cleaning systems, compressed air, freeze, robotics (the future lab) and nanotechnology for chemicals, materials, food and environment.
  • Equipment for professional and work safety such as uniforms, masks, boots, gloves, helmets, fire safety systems, first aid, etc.
  • Chemical service providers such as research centers, institutes, universities, technical schools, certification organizations, private and independent laboratories, software companies for labs and chemical companies, scientific unions, technologists, consultants, start-up companies of research, technology and robotics, journals and internet services.


  • Managers, scientists and personnel for laboratories of industrial companies, private and independent labs, government labs and labs for research centers, institutes, universities and technical schools.
  • Owners, buyers/ supply managers, chemists, industrial chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists, biologists, biotechnologists, agriculturists, geologists, clinical chemists, environmentalists, managers of quality control, experiments and trials personnel, professors, students, botanists, nanotechnologists, food technologists, engineers, meteorologists, researchers, physicians, electronics, nuclearists, metallurgists, technicians, merchants.
  • Companies of food, beverages, drinks, wine, honey, milk, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medicine, paints, detergents, cleaning materials, water, lubricants, oil, metals, paper, glass, plastics, inks, leather, clothing, construction materials, chemicals, research & development. 

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